The Institute of Arboriculture Studies (HK) is located in Hong Kong and hosts a series of seminars and conferences focused on the development of the arboriculture industry in Hong Kong and the surrounding region. IASHK has been active since 2008.

Includes the following seminars:

  1. 10/5/2016 – Workshop: Tree Inspection; Micro-Drilling, Tomography, & Mobile Software Apps with Frank Rinn
  2. 11/5/2016 – Workshop: Understanding Wood Anatomy & Biomechanics for Tree Inspection with Frank Rinn
  3. 12/5/2016 – Lecture/Practical: Resistograph Expert Advanced Level Training with Frank Rinn
  4. 13/5/2016 – Course & Exam: CRTE: Certified Resistograph Tree Expert (theory, readings analysis, & examination) with Frank Rinn
  5. 14/5/2016 – Workshop: Practical Biomechanics in Field Forensics; Arboradix, AirSpade, Ground Penetrating Radar, & Static-Pulling Test with Bodo Siegert & Tobias Siegert
  6. 15/5/2016 РTraining-Workshop: Tree Stability Evaluation Training (TSE) with Bodo Siegert & Tobias Siegert

Registration is currently open.  Please click the above link for more information.